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Let's build something incredible together

Join the Family

What are our family values?

Family Matters

That means you, your family, our family, and their family!

Play Often

Prioritize balance, creativity and fun, seriously!

Make it Happen

We get the job done, always!

Trust is Our Foundation

We're all in this together!

Lead by Example

We are all leaders.

We're real people who really care.

Fathers, mothers, uncles, and aunts- we're real people with real families working to provide the safest platform for kids on a global scale.

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Sharing in the Good We Cultivate

We have fostered a vibrant, positive and safe space for each member of the team. This culture code is what we live and breathe everyday

Culture Code PDF

Being part of the family really has its perks

Flexible Work Office

We embrace our diversity, and sometimes that means where we work. We don’t always need to be in the office, so be it at home, a park bench, or a deck overlooking the lake, we trust you’ll still do great work.

Flexible Work Hours

It’s not always about time in a seat, but the impact you make. Some days, the 9-5 doesn’t makes sense for you. So, communicate with the boss so you can work like a boss!

Flexible Time Off

Life happens sometimes, whether planned or unplanned, so take the time off when needed and come back inspired to be your best self.

Lots of Fun

We said we need to play often, so when you work with amazing people, it’s not hard to have a good time. From team TED Talks, to drawing competitions, there’s no shortage of fun stuff to get involved in.

Grow Better

Share your passions with us and we’ll be a cheerleader for your growth. Go ahead-take that course, attend that conference, and watch that webinar.

For Employees,
we go a step above


A Better Benefits Plan

We all have different needs; our plan makes sure you are covered for the routine and unexpected. Yes, tripping and twisting an ankle on the sand in Cabo is embarrassing, but it's covered.


Parental Benefits

Having a family is a life changing event and can be stressful. Worrying about work shouldn't be. We offer up to 18 months of maternity/parental leave with 100% paid health benefits and salary top-up. Enjoy that new little one.

Family laughing around cell phone

Ways to join our Family

Sorry, we are not currently hiring for any new positions.
Please check back later.

Your Candidate Experience

As you progress through your personal candidate experience with AMPC-Kidoodle.TV., you will have the oppurtunity to proide feedback at each stage. Feedback and communication are the fundamental aspects of our culture at AMPC Inc, which allows us all to learn and grow together as a family.

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