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Very Snackable Videos: Story Snacks

Story Snacks

Without a doubt, kids today expect to be entertained. Kidoodle.TV® offers countless hours of programs to draw them in and keep them watching, but in-between entertainment lies important moments to learn and teach. That’s the premise behind Story Snacks.

Story Snacks are videos encouraging learning, mindfulness, movement, education, and fun in nicely packaged 15- to 25-second bite-sized portions that are easily digestible for young audiences. These engaging videos are showcased in time slots originally meant for ad breaks for Guest and Freemium accounts to help fund the free service, Kidoodle.TV.

“Kids are learning something without realizing it—and in a place where paid advertising could go.”

– Heather Blush, one half of duo, Rattle and Strum

Kidoodle.TV chooses to feature creators, performers, educators, and professionals to enrich the viewing experience by focusing on themes relevant to today’s parents. Like singer-songwriter group, Rattle and Strum, who have created six Story Snacks centered entirely around music and they sing about a variety of topics like types of exotic fruits, everyday shapes, and vibrant colors.

“As a music therapist and teacher, I could talk endlessly about the benefits of music for kids. But one simple demonstration of the way music facilitates learning is the alphabet song. Can you imagine learning the 26 letters of the English alphabet without the song to sing them with?” said Blush.  

Every possible opportunity is vital as you never know what will resonate with a child or appeal to them as individuals. Take learning a language, as explained by Story Snack’s Madame Gaby Allin, a French immersion teacher:

“Kids are language sponges, especially when they are exposed to word often and in an engaging way.”

In this series of videos, a common word is explained in both English and French allowing audiences exposure to a new language and encourage interaction.

Other zany and just plain fun Story Snacks walk users through the tiny world of miniature scenes like canoeing down a stream, meeting animal friends in a living room, and counting flying UFOs in a field. You can find Story Snacks nestled between your child’s favorite Kidoodle.TV shows ready to get them singing, counting, speaking a foreign language, or making them giggle!

Editor’s note: Advertisers have a new opportunity to promote themselves with custom content that speaks to their brand. Reach out to to inquire about Story Snack collaboration opportunities.

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