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Weekend Watchlist: En Español

¡Hola mijos! Help your little ones learn and practice their Spanish. Look for our En Español category on Kidoodle.TV® to watch some of your favorite shows available in Spanish.


Stream Bing on Kidoodle.TV

Bing celebrates the noisy, joyful, messy reality of life when you’re a pre-schooler. Full of everyday drama that kids and grown ups can recognize. Watch Bing the Bunny all in Spanish.

Pop Pixie

Stream Pop Pixie on Kidoodle.TV

Meet the Pixies, they live in a magical world inhabited by gnomes, elves, and talking animals. They use magic globes that allow them to turn into the heroes of Pixieville. This fan favorite is available in both English and Spanish!

ChuChu TV

Stream ChuChu TV on Kidoodle.TV

Join us for tiempo de cuentos (story time)! Sing-a-long to your favorite Nursery Rhymes and stories with the Chu Chu TV family. Jam out to your favorite songs and stories translated in Spanish.

The Day Henry Met

Stream The Day Henry Met on Kidoodle.TV

Henry is a little boy with a big imagination! He meets all sorts of silly characters and follows them on wild adventures based on science, sports, history, art and more. You can watch this show in both English and Spanish!

Little Pim: Let’s Learn Spanish

Stream Little Pim: Let’s Learn Spanish on Kidoodle.TV

Developed by moms, top language teachers, and neuroscientists, Little Pim’s “Entertainment Immersion Method®” takes a child’s natural love of play and makes learning new languages easy and fun!

El Mundo De Rosie

Stream El Mundo De Rosie on Kidoodle.TV

Follow the adventures of Rosie, an outgoing girl, and her friends Will, Holly, Big Bear, Oakley, and Raggles. Together they learn that everything is better with a little help from your friends! Stream the entire series translated in Spanish.

Qumi Qumi

Stream Qumi Qumi on Kidoodle.TV

The amazing world of Qumi-Qumi is inhabited by three tribes. Juga, Yusi and Shumadan are from different tribes but are best friends who take funny approaches to solving problems. Watch this entire series in Spanish.

Miss Spider

Steam Miss Spider on Kidoodle.TV

Join Miss Spider and her buggy bunch of friends in the Sunny Patch. They learn to appreciate the differences in others while going on pint-sized adventures in “big” little bug world, all translated in Spanish.

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