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Weekend Watchlist: Laugh Out Loud

Get giggling, look for our Laugh Out Loud category on Kidoodle.TV® for fun and silly shows, all sure to make you and your little ones chuckle.

The Koala Brothers

Stream The Koala Brothers on Kidoodle.TV

Follow the adventures of Frank and Buster! They are two Koala Brothers, who fly around in their yellow plane, looking for anyone who might need their help in the Australian outback.

Just Kidding

Stream Just Kidding on Kidoodle.TV

This live action comedy show puts kids in the drivers seat, letting them concoct the most preposterous pranks on unsuspecting adults. Watch the hilarity ensue and see their reactions, all caught on camera!

Wonder Balls

Stream Wonder Balls on Kidoodle.TV

Get rolling with some colorful friends! This animated series encourages kids to explore color and music to create new and magical art. Have some laughs and make some crafts with the Wonder Balls.

Bananas in Pyjamas

Stream Bananas in Pyjamas on Kidoodle.TV

What happens when B1 and B2, two mischievous bananas, get together with their neighbors, the Teddies? Plenty. This throwback series sees two bananas and their friend, Rat-in-a-Hat, get up to all sorts of high jinks in the magical world of Cuddlestown.

Aaron’s Animals

Stream Aaron’s Animals on Kidoodle.TV

Aaron’s Animals is a series of videos documenting the life of Aaron and his Animals, including a precocious cat named Prince Michael! In one of the episodes, Prince Michael sets to achieve his goal of becoming the world’s first cat lifeguard.

Wallace & Gromit

Stream Wallace & Gromit on Kidoodle.TV

This stop-motion series centres on Wallace, an absent-minded inventor and his companion Gromit, a silent yet intelligent dog who communicates only through facial expressions and body language. Grab a cup of tea and get ready to laugh along with this iconic British duo!


Stream Gigglebug on Kidoodle.TV

Gigglebug is a tiny hero with the greatest superpower of all – an irresistable laugh that is contagious. No matter how sticky the situation, his smile alone can lift anyone’s spirits!

Hydro & Fluid

Stream Hydro & Fluid on Kidoodle.TV

Hydro and Fluid are two water capsules who ran away from a laboratory after gaining life in an experiment that went wrong. In each episode, they do science experiments with water that encourage fun, curiosity, and humor.

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