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Weekend Watchlist: Celebrate Mother’s Day with Kidoodle.TV®

Top 10 things to do for Mom this Mother’s Day

1. Send her a #mompliment

2. Tidy up the house

3. Watch KTV with her

4. Watch KTV without her (give her a mom minute)

5. Pick her flowers

6. Make her a card

8. Give her an at-home spa night

7. Make her a home-cooked meal

9. Read a book together

10. Bake together

Celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day on Kidoodle.TV® Check out some of these phenomenal moms from different series, check out our blog for fun ways to celebrate with the whole family.

Peppa Pig

Stream Peppa Pig Minis on Kidoodle.TV

Meet Mummy Pig, the daughter of Granny and Grandpa Pig and most importantly, mom to Peppa Pig and George. Mummy Pig loves cooking, baking and playing outside. Celebrate Mom this weekend by watching Mummy Pig lead the family through fun in the mud!


Stream Franklin on Kidoodle.TV

Mrs. Turtle is Franklin and Harriet’s mother, and a constant source of strength and positivity for Franklin and his friends. You can find Mrs.Turtle often saying “if there’s a will, there’s a way” check out Episode 12 Season 04 called “Franklin’s Mom” where Mrs.Turtle takes Franklin and Bear camping.


Stream Ginalina on Kidoodle.TV

Join Ginalina’s music club, with Vancouver based mom and folk artist Gina Lam. Ginalina sings original songs and plays acoustic guitar. Come sing with Ginalina about forest friends, family, food and more.

Sunshine & Broccoli

Stream Sunshine & Broccoli on Kidoodle.TV

Lisa Sonshine is one half of the musical duo Sonshine and Broccoli. Lisa Sonshine is another musical artist and mom who loves to get kids singing and dancing to original songs. Jump into fun music videos all about warm and friendly greetings, like waving hello or whistling to the birds on a beautiful day.

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