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Kidoodle New This Week - Aug 2021

October 21, 2021

Check out this week’s brand new releases on Kidoodle.TV look for our “New Shows” category for the latest series, vlogs, episodes, and more!

Stream Element Animation

Check out the short 2-5 minute comedy animations by Element Animation!

Stream Steve and Maggie

Edutaining Halloween video stories and some (not so) spooky songs for toddlers and pre-school children, starring the well-loved characters ‘Steve and Maggie’.

Stream Get Slimed with The Wild Adventure Girls

Get ready to “Get Slimed!” with The Wild Adventure Girls! In this series you will laugh out loud as Angelina, Scarlett, and Bella teach you how to make the stretchiest, and gooiest slime that will keep you busy and wanting to watch more!

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Loly & Elphy on Kidoodle Streaming
Stream Loly and Elphy

Loly is Elphy’s (a talking elephant) best friend, and his caretaker. The show follows their daily lives and portrays scenarios from children’s daily experiences.

Diana Show Halloween Edition
Stream Kids Diana Show Halloween Edition

Meet Kids Diana Show: kid video superstar and every little girl’s dream best friend! Together with her brother, Kids Roma Show, Diana and Roma take you along on all their family-friendly pretend play adventures, including dress up, role play, and tons of silly scenarios that spark the imagination! The creative possibilities are endless with Diana: The Princess of Play! Presented by

Gigantosaurus Halloween Stream Gigantosaurus Halloween
Stream Gigantosaurus Halloween

Way, way back in time, many millions of years ago, four little dinosaurs faced a daunting world. Volcanoes erupted. Meteors crashed. Rivers raged. The ground shook and ripped apart beneath their feet. And then there was the really scary stuff… like Gigantosaurus!

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