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Weekend Watchlist: Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Rev your engines… we’re hitting the tar this weekend with tons of Planes, Trains, & Automobiles for your little mechanics. Look for thecategory onKidoodle.TV® for a fast track to fun. Check out some of these incredible shows below. Spend your weekend Safe Streaming™ only on Kidoodle.TV.

Gecko’s Real Vehicles

Stream Gecko’s Garage Real Vehicles free on Kidoodle.TV

Love Gecko’s Garage? Check out Gecko’s Real Vehicles, a series that helps children learn the names of vehicles, how to count, discover different directions, this show is perfect for preschoolers.

AnimaCars Discovery

Stream Anima Cars Discovery free on Kidoodle.TV

Jump into learning with AnimaCars. This show helps little ones understand colors, numbers, animals, shapes, and many more! Featuring a cast of robot dogs, cars, planes, trucks, and vehicles kids love.

Baby Trucks

Stream Baby Trucks free on Kidoodle.TV

Chili, Sunny, and Berry are three cute baby cars. Every day, they go around Car City to meet residents and discover new activities. Join them on fun adventures as they roam around the town.

Mighty Express

Stream Mighty Express Minis free on Kidoodle.TV

Let’s make tracks and get to know the team of trains in Tracksville. Join Nate, Brock, Faye, Penny, Red, Flicker, and Mandy on Mega Missions! With the help of their friends Max, Liza, and Nico, they learn lessons in resilience, trying again, sharing, and teamwork.

Car City: Robo Fuse

Stream Car City: Robo Fuse free on Kidoodle.TV

Rodeo and Booster are two best friends with the power to fuse into one super robot: Robofuse! With this unique ability, they work together to protect Car City from the evil villain Zitron.

Tom’s Car Wash

Stream Tom’s Car Wash free on Kidoodle.TV

Tom the Tow Truck is a famous truck in Car City. He runs a car wash to spruce up all of his vehicle friends who get into messy situations like chili sauce spills and melted chocolate. They all leave the car wash looking good as new!

Tiny Town

Stream Tiny Town free on Kidodle.TV

Tiny Town is where the world’s smallest cars live. It is a colorful place where tiny police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks live happily together. Watch them have fun together doing things like playing hide & seek, making pancakes, investigating alien parcels, and more!

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