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Weekend Watchlist: Book Worm

We’re celebrating National Reading Month and #WorldBookDay with some of our favorite series on Kidoodle.TV® Look for the Book Worm category to read-a-long with these loveable tales!


Stream Teddies on Kidoodle.TV

Meet Dom, Meeks, Tizzy, and Sparky. Watch them learn what it’s like to grow up; making friends, being kind to others, helping out, making mistakes and respecting and appreciating others.

64 Zoo Lane

Watch 64 Zoo Lane on Kidoodle.TV

Lucy is a little girl who lives at 64 Zoo Lane, right next door to the local zoo. Every night, Lucy meets with the animals who impatiently await their turn to tell her about their colorful adventures!


Watch Rupert on Kidoodle.TV

Meet Rupert, an intelligent and witty polar bear who lives in a small medieval village called Nutwood. He loves going on great adventures, unraveling mysteries and unmasking villains. His courage and integrity make him a modern day hero!

Storytime with Ms. Booksy

Stream Story Time with Ms. Booksy on Kidoodle.TV

Follow your imagination with the Cool School gang. In Story Time with Ms. Booksy, all of your favorite fairy tales, like Sleeping Beauty and The Wizard of Oz, come to life!

Little Bear

Stream Little Bear on Kidoodle.TV

Get ready for a story about friendship, family, and adventure! Little Bear and Father Bear set out on a camping trip where Little Bear meets a new friend named Cub. When Little Bear learns Cub has lost his parents, Little Bear decides to help Cub find them. And of course Owl, Hen, Cat and Duck join the search party, too!

Scaredy Squirrel

Watch Scaredy Squirrel on Kidoodle.TV

Scaredy Squirrel is a geeky squirrel who is learning to be comfortable in his own fur. Join him as he tackles life’s daily challenges, including a Balsa City Paddleball competition, with his trademark quirks that make him totally awesome.


Stream Corduroy on Kidoodle.TV

Follow Corduroy and his best friend Lisa as they experience the world from the point of view of urban children. There are so many sights, sounds, smells, and sensations to experience in the vibrant city of New York!


Stream Penelope on Kidoodle.TV

Meet Penelope, an adorable blue Koala bear who loves to learn, play and even be mischievous from time to time. Based upon a lovely French picture book, this animated series shows the daily life and adventures of Penelope.

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