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Weekend Watchlist: Egg-cellent Picks

We’re chasing bunnies and decorating eggs all Easter Weekend. Join us, with these ‘egg-cellent’ picks, Safe Streaming™ only on Kidoodle.TV®

Om Nom Stories

Om Nom and Om Nelle decorating an easter egg
Stream Om Nom Stories on Kidoodle.TV

Om Nom Stories Season 6 Episode 4 Easter Om Nom learns to decorate Easter eggs with his best friend Om Nelle. But as usual, things get a bit out of hand. Watch the mischief unfold!

ChuChu TV Surprise Eggs

Colorful animated decorated eggs and kids in the background
Stream ChuChu TV Surprise Eggs free on Kidoodle.TV

What’s in the Surprise Eggs? Open them one by one, and wait for the magic to begin! Learn how to count the colorful eggs while singing and dancing to old classics like Old Macdonald Had a Farm and more!

Mister Rabit

Cartoon rabbits on green grass
Stream Mister Rabbit on Kidoodle.TV

Follow Mister Rabbit through a series of adventures and misadventures to gain self-confidence. Through each experience, he eventually learns that he can succeed with the help of his friend, Little Rabbit. 

My Friend Rabbit

Stream My Friend Rabbit free on Kidoodle.TV

Rabbit and Mouse are best friends who get into and out of tricky situations together. With the help of their friends in the animal kingdom, they show us that curiosity, friendship and creativity make problem-solving fun!

Eggy Pops

5 animated eggs with eyes and mouth
Stream Eggy Pops free on Kidoodle.TV

Meet the Eggy Pops! They are a group of 5 egg friends who love to laugh, exploring everything with a childlike curiosity. At the end of every episode, they always pop into sunny side-ups!

True & Rainbow Kingdom: Wuzzle Wegg Day

True and a wuzzle
Stream True & the Rainbow Kingdom: Wuzzle Wegg Day free on Kidoodle.TV

Spring has arrived in Rainbow City! Join True, Bartleby the cat, and their friends in this special series of episodes that celebrate Wuzzle Wegg Day, including the mystical Wuzzle Bun who delivers magical Wuzzle Weggs!

Ria Rabbit

Animated family of rabbits, trees in the background, green grass
Stream Ria Rabbit free on Kidoodle.TV

Meet Ria Rabbit, she lives in beautiful Pashu Nagri India. She, along with her younger brothers and parents, love to have fun telling stories and nursery rhymes.

Sunny Bunnies

5 colorful round bunnies
Stream Sunny Bunnies free on Kidoodle.TV

Get moving and grooving with the Sunny Bunnies, they bring fun and happiness wherever they go! Each adventure turns into a mischievous game but always ends with a ton of laughter. 

Where’s Chicky

Animated chick in a popcorn bucket
Stream Where’s Chicky free on Kidoodle.TV

Where’s Chicky Season 2 Episode 225 The Egg Chase Chicky stumbles upon a mysterious egg. Watch as a solo game of football ensues, along with a few other surprises.

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