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Weekend Watchlist: Guinness Book of World Records

Guinness Book of World Records

Break World Records this weekend with our Guinness Book of World Records category on Kidoodle.TV®. Check out some of our favorite shows below. Spend your weekend Safe Streaming™ only on Kidoodle.TV. 

Amazing Animals

Amazing Animals - Dog with long tongue hanging out of it's mouth
Stream Amazing Animals free on Kidoodle.TV

What do camels, rescue dogs, and llamas have in common? World records! Meet these extraordinary animals and find out their stories.

Beyond The Record

Stream Beyond The Record free on Kidoodle.TV

Spend the day with a 99-year-old dancing queen, the world’s shortest woman, and other record holders to learn more about their daily lives!

Incredible Record Breakers

Stream Incredible Record Breakers free on Kidoodle.TV

Record-breaking demands dedication and skills. This series showcases the world’s fastest talker, a giant Easter egg, the loudest burp and more!

Rubik’s Records

Man's face surrounded by Rubik's cubes
Stream Rubik’s Records free on Kidoodle.TV

Do you have what it takes to be a puzzle master? Join some of the world’s Rubik’s cube record holders as they take clever turns and twists in unconventional spaces and places!

GWR Specials

Man blowing fire out of his mouth
Stream GWR Specials free on Kidoodle.TV

Bonus content for record breaking fans! Be an unofficial adjudicator and check out these extra special clips of professional magicians, blindfold jugglers, and more! 

Meet the Record Breakers

Man blowing up balloon, woman in red dress, man's face covered in tattoos
Stream Meet The Record Breakers free on Kidoodle.TV

Take a look at some of the most amazing record holders and learn about their inspirations. Do you have what it takes to be the best in the world?

How to…

Woman juggling balls
Stream GWR How To free on Kidoodle.TV

Want to learn from the world’s best record breakers? Try your hand at skills like yoyo tricks and balloon art. Who knows, you might be the world’s next record breaker!

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