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Weekend Watchlist: So Satisfying

You won’t believe your eyes. These shows are So Satisfying with mesmerizing takes on building your own slime, goop, dough and more!

Cool School’s Crafty Carol

Woman with glasses, yellow shirt
Stream Cool School’s Crafty Carol on Kidoodle.TV

Cool School’s Crafty Carol is a kooky arts & crafts teacher! In her DIY series, she’ll show you how to make fluffy snow slime, glow in the dark slime, and more!

Kooki’s Crafty Show

Woman with orange wig, wearing yellow shirt and blue overalls
Stream Kooki’s Crafty Show on Kidoodle.TV

Kooki’s Crafty Show Season 1 Episode 6 It’s Slime Time Meet Kooki, a wacky red panda who loves to make things. In this episode, learn how to whip up some sparkly, stretchy and squishy slime!

The Awesome Moore Family: Get Creative

Stream The Awesome Moore Family: Get Creative on Kidoodle.TV

Unleash your creativity with the Awesome Moore Family. Join Tamzin, Annelise and Mya in making lots of easy to follow arty projects and crafty ideas like rainbow unicorns and carnival games! This series filled with fun, creative ideas to make and do.

Play-Doh Show

Stream the Play-Doh Show on Kidoodle.TV

Get ready to laugh with the Doh-Dohs and their friends in a PLAY-DOHMATION world. They get up to all sorts of crazy antics! Watch them find creative solutions to all kinds of colorful and funny situations.

Play-Doh: Oddly Satisfying

Stream Play-Doh: Oddly Satisfying on Kidoodle.TV

Explore an ooey-gooey world of fun! Watch closeups of Play-Doh get squished and squashed in super slow motion. Hear the soft snaps and pops of slime as the vibrant colors and textures mix and blend. It’s the best way to relax and unwind!

Karina Garcia

Stream Karina Garcia on Kidoodle.TV

Meet Karina Garcia, better known as the “Queen of Slime”! Tune in to watch her make a DIY mesh slime ball and glue-free slime. Feeling crafty? Join her in making the top 10 viral slimes!

Will it Slime?

Stream Will It Slime? on Kidoodle.TV

Ever wondered how to make slime the best way? “Will It Slime?” is the best place for the best slime. Test different slime recipes in this series to find out which ones work and which ones don’t. Don’t miss out on the giant slimes, hacks, and fun experiments!

Sensory Play (Classy.TV)

Stream Sensory Play (Classy.TV) on Kidoodle.TV

Learn how to make your own play dough at home in this curriculum-driven series from Classy.TV, led by real educators. Then, take your homemade play dough and turn them into a cute family portrait!

Please ensure adult supervision for any DIY crafts.

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