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Weekend Watchlist: Protect the Planet

Small habits can lead to big changes! This Earth Day, learn how to Protect the Planet and tune into some of our favorite eco-friendly shows on Kidoodle.TV®!

Mr. Eco

Stream Mr. Eco on Kidoodle.TV

Become an “EcoHero” in this hip hop based series about environmental sustainability. Follow a thrilling chase to find out if our superhero, Mr. Eco, can catch the Litterbug!

Kids’ Planet

Stream Kids’ Planet on Kidoodle.TV

Fasten your seatbelts, a new journey awaits! Learn about some easy habits to adopt at home and you will be on your way to becoming planet Earth’s #1 hero.


Stream ToddWorld on Kidoodle.TV

Everyone is welcome in Toddworld, where you can dance with a porcupine and buy ice cream from a hippo. It’s a world where you can celebrate individuality while appreciating the differences that make everyone special!

Blippi’s Great Green Adventure

Stream Blippi’s Great Green Adventure on Kidoodle.TV

In four earth-friendly adventures, join Blippi as he learns all about the planet and transforms a piece of littered land into a beautiful garden.

ZooMoo Lubinho

Stream ZooMoo Lubinho on Kidoodle.TV

Meet Lubinho, a Sea Wolf cub that gets lost and arrives on the shores of Brazil alone. Luckily, he finds new friends and learns lessons like the importance of keeping the beach clean. 

Daisy & the Gumboot Kids 

Stream Daisy & The Gumboot Kids on Kidoodle.TV

Daisy the mouse loves nature! In each episode, she encourages children to explore the world outside through the creation of a new and exciting nature craft.

Minute Earth

Stream Minute Earth on Kidoodle.TV

There are endless questions out there about our awesome planet. Minute Earth is a series of short illustrated stories that tackle all of those questions one at a time no matter how big, small, or weird. 

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